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How To Melt Ice On Your Driveway | A-Chem

How to melt ice on your driveway

During the colder months, it’s common for your driveway to freeze over or become piled with snow. It can sometimes take hours to clear a driveway using a shovel, which can be a pain to do before work.

Read our helpful guide to find out how to use ice melt granules to melt ice and snow.



What are Ice Melt Granules?

Ice melt granules are used to de-ice pavements, driveways and where extreme elements present a hazard. They dissolve upon application and in contact with moisture, which breaks the bond between the pavement and the ice. This solution will then remain active, to prevent ice from bonding to the surface. 

How Do Ice Melt Granules Work?

Our premium ice melt granules are exothermic, meaning they release heat in order to activate the melting ability and to provide even more effective melting performance than rock salt. They are also hygroscopic, attracting moisture required for the melting action.

Ice melt granules are 6 times more effective than rock salt, as the low eutectic point granules melt to much lower temperatures – as low as -30 degrees celsius. 


Are Ice Melt Granules Toxic?

No, our ice melt granules are non-toxic and non-tainting. They will not leave a residue as corrosive as salt to concrete. Therefore, they are ideal for use around schools, nursing homes, offices, car parks, ports and many more.





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When To Apply Ice Melt Granules

In order to prevent accidents during cold weather, you can pre-apply ice melt granules before precipitation begins. However, be sure that you will be able to physically remove the snow soon after snowfall, as the brine from ice melt granules can refreeze and create black ice underneath the snow.

Here are the occasions in which you should apply ice melt granules:


  • Sleet or Freezing Rain – Apply as soon as possible.
  • Heavy Snow – Apply as soon as possible.
  • Large Amount of Snow – Shovel the snow first, then apply ice melt granules to tackle the remainder.
  • Precautions – Only apply the recommended amount.


How To Use Ice Melt Granules

If you’ve never used ice melt granules before, here are the steps you should take:


1. Ensure you wear a pair of nitrile gloves and protective eyewear and wash hands thoroughly after handling. This product may cause eye irritation and skin irritation.


2. 1kg will lightly treat up to approx. 8 sq meters, however severe depth ice will require more. It is best applied by hand wearing nitrile gloves, however, for larger areas, a salt spreader can be used for economy and even coverage.


3. Spread the ice melt granules thinly – as above – spread evenly.


4. Be sure to clean the bottom of your shoes before entering your house or building, as the ice melt could potentially damage wooden flooring.


5. Once you have finished, store your ice melt granules in an airtight container, keeping them away from moisture, sunlight, animals and out of the reach of children.



If you have any further questions about ice melt granules, get in touch with our team.








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