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Bespoke Manufacturing

A-Chem’s Bespoke Product Offerings

Together our chemical expertise and innovative ideas can help create the perfect bespoke products for your company.

At A-Chem, we recognise that each of our customers have individual requirements. Our highly-qualified chemists can develop a bespoke product to meet your needs and exceed the expectations of your customers.

You can learn more about A-Chem’s unique formulation offering by watching our short video that explains our story (at the bottom of this page), what we do and how we can help solve your bespoke requirements.



Our Development Team has over 75 years’ experience in bespoke product formulation within the chemical industry.

Our experienced team have an in-depth understanding of multiple markets and aspects of the product formulating process. We can advise and take you through each step of the development process, from the initial product analysis to the testing and approval of a product, and finally to the production and delivery of your final product.


Bespoke Product Services

A-Chem manufacturers tailored products from small (400 Litre) to bulk (18,000L) batch quantities:;

  • Product Development: De-formulation, current product analysis, development from an idea, established A-Chem product adjustments for your requirements
  • Labelling requirement calculation, assessments and advice
  • CLP Regulation compliant product Safety Data Sheets in your own company/ brand
  • Own label design to a professional graphic design agency standard. See our own labelling page for further details
  • Packaging: sourcing of packaging if not part of our standard range
  • Drop Shipping: Delivery directly to your customer with your very own paperwork and absolutely no reference to A-Chem Please refer to our Distributor page for further information

We’ll Explore and Develop Products Where Others May Shy Away

If you need help with an underperforming product, or manufacturing a unique product for your brand, we have the chemical expertise to help.


product development

We are happy to product match based on a small sample (approximately 500ml) and if available, a product Safety Data Sheet.

The process of developing a new product involves discussing a brief in depth with technical team. However, if you already know what you are looking for, or would like us to match and tweak a product already on the market, or product you already purchase we can de-formulate and develop a product that is perfect for your requirements. Our R&D chemists are able to advise the benefits and drawbacks of a product and discuss the potential of offering an improvement if applicable.

At A-Chem, our one-of-a-kind product manufacturing options can include the following;

  • Differentiated product colour
  • Unique fragrances
  • Specific viscosities
  • Foaming characteristics; high foam for snow foam car cleaners/ shampoos, low foam for CIP and reclaim systems
  • The transition from solvent to water-based systems
  • Exceptional finishing gloss, water behaviour and durability for surface protection products (car waxes, polishes and sealants)
  • Product colour and light fastness for woodcare products for bulk water based stains

Core Product Markets

A-Chem isn’t just limited to one market

We offer new product developments in our specialist core markets;

  • Car care & detailing products
  • Wood care products
  • Industrial cleaning and maintenance products
  • Odour control products

We also offer product manufacturing in multiple other markets, including; aerospace, rail, marine and many more.


bespoke detailing & car care

We offer a wide range of products in the valeting & detailing market which can be bespoke to your requirements

Our range includes and is not limited to the following product types;


Shampoos, iron contamination removers (bleeding effect), snow foams, citrus pre-wash, tar & glue removers, wheel cleaners, glass cleaners, screenwash, traffic film removers


Hybrid car polishes, glazes, all-in-one polishes, cutting polishes, glass polishes


Sio2 technology, surface reactive sealants, fabric & glass sealants, easy application sealants (spray & wipe / sealant creams)


We offer various price point hard waxes, from basic to carnauba to hybrid type waxes


Interior & exterior plastic or trim dressings, tyre dressings, spray waxes

Interior cleaners

Upholstery cleaners, leather cleaners & conditioners, all purpose cleaners

All of our products are available with varying levels of unique characteristics

Wood Protection and Treatment

Whatever your woodcare requirements, we’re guaranteed to supply industrial products to suit the requirements of your business.

We manufacture a wide range of bespoke treatments for all levels of the timber treatment market. We supply cost effective highly dilutable wood stains, to high resin content treatments perfect for long term protection of garden furniture. We offer treatments suitable for large manufacturing processes, including dipping tanks and automated spraying systems, as well as smaller garden building manufacturers who require a bespoke solution for their business.

Our products can be offered in either water based and solvent based, and can be offered under your own label, whether it is required for confidentiality purposes, or for re-sale at point of sale. 

We always put you first and strive to meet your exact product requirements. We offer different product packaging options, including small packing (5/25 litre) and larger pack sizes (205/1000 litre). We can also provide on-site technical support for the transition between product treatments, whether this is from your current supplier to A-Chem, or from solvent-based to an effective water-based treatment.

Our current wood protector manufactured range, includes;

  • Water-based primer wood preservative
  • Solvent-based stains & treatments
  • Water-based ready to use stains for highly durable protection
  • Water-based concentrates, for economical staining and protection (between 1-1 and 20-1)
  • Garden shade colours (wood paints)

Bespoke Industrial Solutions

We can develop industrial CHEMICAL SOLUTIONS specific to your industrial process or business needs.

At A-Chem, we’re proud to regularly supply large established manufacturers with reliably produced products which aid them to run their processes more efficiently and with better-finished goods.

We provide both water based and solvent based products that offer the following;

  • Aqueous and solvent-based parts cleaners and degreasers
  • Production line cleaners and lubricants
  • Eco-friendly tar and bitumen removers
  • Low-fuming acid-etching solutions (for precast market)

Each commercial cleaning solution is not limited to the list detailed, contact us to find out about our bespoke solutions.

A-Chem and HL Plastics partnered up to develop “Soda Cleanser Excel” and “Citra Solv M” – cleaners specifically required for their processes.


A-Chem and HL Plastics recently partnered up to develop exceptional chemical solutions. These were specifically formulated for their processes, allowing their productions to run smoothly and efficiently.

Here’s what they had to say about their professional cleaning supplies…

“We use Citra Solv M when cleaning and lubricating our intricate, expensive extrusion tools to break down the wax & grime which in turn contributes towards the high standard that our tools are kept in.”

“Soda Cleanser Excel is a key product used in our Tool Maintenance Department. It is used to remove residues from tooling involved in the production of our lead-free PVCu products. Soda Cleanser Excel speeds up the cleaning of our tools whilst maintaining a high standard of finish.”

Ross Hartshorn – Toolroom Foreman

A-Chem very much looks forward to continuing being a trusted supplier and supporting HL Plastics chemical requirements as they continue to innovate within their marketplace.

Strong Lasting Relationships

A-Chem truly believes in long-term relationships and the benefits of working closely together to achieve the perfect products for your business to continue to excel.

We have continuously solved problems with our bespoke solutions and have grown stronger together with our customers for over 50 years.

If you have any further queries regarding our bespoke manufacturing offering, be sure to get in touch with our experienced customer service team that can help clear up any uncertainties.

So, contact us today and let A-Chem provide you with the right chemistry and the perfect solution.


Bespoke Manufacturing FROM A-CHEM

At A-Chem we recognise that our customers have individual requirements, and to cater for this we offer a truly tailored service for your business

Click on the video to watch our Bespoke Manufacturing animation and learn more!