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Exterior Vehicle Cleaning

Shampoo  |  Rinse Aid  |  Snow Foam

We manufacture a wide range of car exterior cleaning products and pre-washes to ensure your car has the very best clean.

We can effectively develop and have an extensive database of various formulations which can be manufactured to your exact requirements.

Car Shampoo

Our range of shampoos that we offer is extensive, and they all have a purpose – simply to get the job done, or a highly concentrated formula with an amazing, long-lasting fragrance.

Our shampoos contain a unique formula for regular automotive vehicles whilst giving a high-quality finish. This rich and foamy product removes any dirt residues easily without removing any protective coatings. Available in Orange and also a Cherry Fragrance. 

Cherry Burst Car Shampoo

A high foam version of the Car Shampoo. This personalised product produces denser and longer-lasting foam for enhanced cleaning performance and leaves a long-lasting Cherry fragrance. 

Wash & Wax

Quick and simple to use, ideal for removing dirt and grime whilst leaving a protective shine. 

Wash & Glow

A concentrated Wash & Wax which gives you better dilution rates, more lubricity and an amazing Bubblegum fragrance.

Supreme Shampoo – Jelly Bean

Our premium Jelly Bean scented shampoo is highly concentrated to provide a luxurious foam, superb lubricity and high levels of cleaning ability. This premium shampoo is a perfect product for car detailing.

Self-Drying Shampoo

A revolutionary product with our range. This car shampoo maintains a high level of foam, while topping up protection that you already have on your vehicle. Simply rinse after use and the water will simply fall off the bodywork, and then repel dirt and water until your next wash. This product is only available under bespoke manufacturing and is not part of A-Chem’s standard range at present. Minimum order quantities and extended lead times apply.


Decontamination Removers and Deep Cleaners


A highly effective yet pH balanced contaminant remover. X-TRACT turns red on contact with fall out and metal particles such as brake dust. 


An “X-TREME” version of X-TRACT – higher strength, thicker, faster and strong reacting, as well as having a pleasant Cherry fragrance. The ultimate contaminant remover.

Concentrated Citrus Pre-Wash

A highly concentrated pre-wash cleaner that is gentle on bodyworks and protection, when diluted correctly. It’s citrus based formulation de-greases and cleans to easily remove flies, traffic film and general dirt from bodyworks and engines.

Citrus Wash RTU

A ready to use advanced citrus infused pre-wash. Citrus Wash RTU remains tough on traffic film, general dirt and grime, while being gentle on waxes and sealants. 

Copolymer & Wax Remover 

Water-based alkaline detergent developed for the fast and complete removal of wax and polymer coatings. 

Chassis Cleaner Super Concentrate

High active heavy duty cleaner specially formulated for the cleaning and removal of traffic film, heavy grease and stubborn ingrained soiling. It can also be diluted for use in the economy. 


Pressure Washer Fluids & TFR’s

Pressure Wash

A range of premium, low-caustic traffic film removers. We have a range of various strengths, from Pressure Wash 10, to Pressure Wash 30 with solutions to suit every price point. Our Pressure Wash range is ideal for removing heavy traffic film, grease and soiling from your vehicles, engines and components. We also offer this product with added wax to improve sheen and deter re-soiling.

Traffic Film Removers

We have an extensive range of deep cleaning and highly effective Traffic Film Removers. From our Traffic Film Remover & Caustic 35, to our highly active “Ultimate” products. Our full range will contain a product that suits your requirements – available in 25L, 205L’s and 1000 IBC’s.

Low Foam Brush Wash Reclaim

Specially developed for use through a recyclable chemical wash machine. This product has low foam properties and a high dilution rate for economy purposes. It also contains a neutral pH that will not damage carbon filters. 


Rinse Aids

Our rinse aid range offers various concentrations of polymer wax additives; these provide an invisible coating causing hydrophilic water behaviour. The effect this causes is water beading and sheetings that allows water to roll off your vehicle easily. Simply dilute and apply using a trigger spray or pump up sprayer to reduce drying time.

Aqua Rinse

A non-hazardous polymer wax additive which gives an invisible polymer coating, causing water to bead and roll off the vehicle surface to dramatically reduce the drying time. It can be diluted between 1:10 for hand application and 1:40.

Wax Rinse Supreme

A highly concentrated wax rinse aid, dilutable up to 1:40 for hand application and 1:1000 for drive-through automated systems. 

Sealant Rinse Aids

For more durable rinse aids (durable for up to 3 months) – see our “Sealants” page for more details.

Snow Storm/ Snow Foams

We manufacture a wide range of snow foams to suit all applications; from commercial vehicle cleaning to pH-sensitive detailing.

Snow Storm Original

This deep cleaning snow foam provides a blanket of foam which effortlessly removes ingrained dirt, traffic film, bugs and more. Snow Storm Original can be used through a foaming lance ready to use, or pre-diluted and then through a snow foam lance between 5 and 10 parts water to 1 part product for varying levels of foam and is highly recommended as an economical product for valeting or commercial vehicle cleaning. 

Available in 5 Litre, 25 Litre, 205 Litre and 1000 Litre pack sizes. For LSP/ wax safe snow foam, we recommend our pH neutral Snow Storm Supreme. 

Snow Storm Supreme

A premium, highly concentrated PH neutral snow foam that generates dense, clingy foam. It is perfect for pre-soaking vehicles where wax/ LSP safe cleaning is imperative. It is high foaming properties will loosen road grime prior to further cleaning. 

This product is ideally pre-diluted and then applied through a snow foam lance between 10-25 parts water and 1 part product for varying levels of foam. This is available in 5 Litres, 25 Litres, 205 Litres and 1000 Litre pack sizes.

For snow foam, with the same level of high-quality foam, but with better touchless cleaning ability, we recommend Snow Storm Extreme.

Snow Storm Extreme

A premium, highly concentrated snow foam that generates dense, clingy foam with a delightful cherry fragrance.

It offers touchless cleaning through its extremely effective cleaning formulation. The product is no pH neutral, but when used at the appropriate dilution ratios is suitable for detailing valeting applications. Snow Storm Extreme will safely and effortlessly remove ingrained dirt, traffic film, insects and many more. 

This product is ideally pre-diluted and then applied through a snow foam lance between 1- and 25 parts water and 1 part product for varying levels of foam. Snow Storm Extreme is available in 5 Litres, 25 Litres, 205 Litres and 1000 Litres.  


Wheel Care

A-Chem offers a wide range of alloy wheel cleaners for the trade, detailing, valeting and car washing markets. We manufacture all types of products that are acidic, alkaline, and pH neutral.

pH- Neutral / Balanced

X-Tract – Contaminant Remover

A highly effective, yet pH balanced wheel cleaner that turns red on contact with metal particles, such as brake dust. Added gloss enhancers leave wheels looking like new. 


An “X-TREME” version of X-TRACT – higher strength, thicker, faster and strong reacting, as well as having a pleasant Cherry fragrance. The ultimate contaminant remover.


Alloy Brite

Heavy duty, acid free wheel cleaner. The foaming “Hi cling” formulation with excellent deep cleaning performance removes stubborn brake dust and grime. 

Alloy Safe Wheel Gel

This non acidic wheel cleaner is perfect for safe cleaning of your wheels. It clings to the wheel when sprayed and can be agitated for a deep clean. 


General purpose, non-acidic wheel cleaner, recommended where the use of acids is undesirable. Also, ideal for removing difficult wax residues of co-polymer transportation wax. 

Traffic Film Removers

Any of our traffic film removers, such as Pressure Wash 30, are excellent general-purpose wheel cleaners for regular, medium duty cleaning.

Acidic Wheel Cleaner

Aluminium Cleaner & Brightener

An acid based cleaner for unlacquered wheels and for remedial wheel cleaning. This product both cleans and brightens the wheels in one action. Available in pallet quantities only.

HD Alloy Wheel Cleaner & De-Ruster

A powerful cleaner designed to remove most stains from alloy surfaces. It will restore lustre and original shine to alloy wheels by removing dust, dirt, grime and rust formation in one easy application. Now red in colour.

Concentrated Alloy Wheel Cleaner

A concentrated but gentle alloy wheel cleaner that is acid based by hydrochloric acid free. It is effective in removing brake dust, dirt, grime and general traffic film from alloy wheels, and result in a high lustre finish. 

Other Wheel Care

Brake Cleaner

A fast evaporating, non-chlorinated solvent degreaser, ideal for removing ingrained stains and deposits of grease or dirt from brake linings and many more. The superior properties of this product mean it will not cause corrosion of metals (including aluminium), and will leave no residue due to the fast evaporation rate of the brake cleaning product. 


Paintwork Preparation Products

Car Paintwork Preparation 

To ensure the perfect surface we offer a range of paintwork preparation products which ensure no contaminants are present.

Tar, Glue and Bitumen Remover

A highly effective solvent blend to remove tar spots and stains from vehicles. It will also remove ingrained oil and grease deposits from storage tanks, lorries and cars. 


Target is a faster acting and more effective version of Tar, Glue & Bitumen remover. It is the trades preferred product and allows easy rinsing after use.


A multi-purpose solvent cleaner which is ideal for removing sign writing glue residue from vehicle bodywork. It also removes grease, oil while leaving no residue on the surface area

Copolymer and Wax Remover

A water based alkaline detergent developed for the fast removal of protective wax coatings from new vehicles. 

Fallout and Iron Removers – X-Tract

X-Tract is a highly effective yet pH balanced contaminant remover. It turns red on contact with fall out and metal particles such as brake dust, and leaves the surface contaminant free. We also offer our traditional oxalic acid based fallout remover which is a more cost effective product aimed at high volume trade used which dilution rates are required.

Aluminium Cleaner and Brightener

A hydrofluoric acid based product which is specifically formulated for the cleaning and polishing of aluminium fabrications. It removes the oxides formed in one easy application to improve the dull, corroded and pitted appearance., 



Glass Cleaning & Protection

We manufacture a range of products to keep on top of your glass and screens of your vehicle, from high solvent content glass cleaners and mild abrasive glass polish to durable glass sealants – we have the perfect range for you.

Smear free finish | Highly concentrated | Crystal clear glass | Highly durable sealants

Glass Cleaners

We offer a range of glass cleaners that are perfect for various requirements – from non flammable, to rapid evaporation. They all offer high levels of detergents and solvents for fast drying, to leave a smear and static free finish.

Glass Cleaner

A non-flammable cleaner, perfect for economical but effective cleaning. 

Glass Sealant

A new advanced surface technology glass sealant that coats all glass surfaces. Glass Sealant forms a protective shield on the surface and provides months of durability against rain and grime. 

Glass Polish

A superior silicone-free glass polish, formulated for the professional cleaning and polishing of vehicle windscreens and windows. It provides anti-fogging properties on interior glass, whilst also having a low-dust formula for no mess after use. Glass Polish can also be used on chrome.

Automotive Glass Cleaner

Offers quick and effective cleaning, for less labour time and the perfect vision finish.

Fast Evaporating Glass Cleaner

Offers rapid evaporation which is perfect for cold conditions where smearing can easily occur. This is our best glass cleaner and can be diluted for use in warmer months where the economy is required. 

Hydrophobic Glass Cleaner

Our premium hydrophobic glass cleaner addresses the growing surface protection needed by vehicles, that continues to repel water in the harshest of conditions. Not only this, but it also prevents most grime and impurities from bonding with the vehicle’s glass after application. 


Screenwash Ready to Use

An effective economical screenwash, designed to remove grime and insects from all automotive windscreens. It can be ready to use in the winter to prevent freezing, and diluted 5 to 1 in the summer.

Screenwash concentrate

A screenwash concentrate which can be diluted down 20-1 in the summer and is effective to -6 degrees when used neat. It is the perfect all-rounder for most UK requirements and is our most popular screenwash.

Screenwash De-Icer

A two in one product, that when used neat offers protection against freezing down to -16 degrees, and can be diluted 40 to 1 in summer. However, it can also be users as a deicing fluid when used neat. It is a highly concentrated blend of alcohols, glycols and rapidly removes grime and insects from windscreens.



Exterior Accessories

Our range of exterior accessories makes using our liquid products even easier.

The below are the types of accessories that we offer, and is not limited to this list;

  • Alloy Wheel Cleaning Brushes
  • Wash Mitts/Jumbo Sponges
  • Wash Buckets & Grit Guards
  • Microfibre Cloths
  • Microfibre Drying Towels
  • Hydra Flexi Blade
  • Clay Bars & Mitts
  • Detailing Brushes
  • Polish Sponges & Pads
  • Wax Applicator Pads
  • Trim & Tyre Dressing Application Sponges
  • Tyre Dressing Applicator Brushes
  • Bug Removing Sponges
  • Commercial Vehicle Cleaning Brushes
  • Flunky leather drying towels

Bespoke and Bulk

A-Chem offers all types of products suitable for your exterior car cleaning, made specifically to your requirements. 

We can help if you are looking for a bespoke product that requires a particular;

  • Product colour
  • Fragrance
  • Viscosity
  • Durability of finish
  • Alcohol content
  • Freeze point
  • Dilution rates
  • Cleaning ability

Minimum order quantities for bespoke products start at 400 Litres and up to batch sizes of 18,000 Litres. These products can be filled into various pack sizes, from 5 Litres up to 1000 Litres.