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Floorcare & Maintenance

We manufacture and supply a range of products perfect for cleaning and maintaining floors in various industries, as well as fulfilling domestic floor cleaning requirements.

Below is a brief summary of our stock products, however, we can develop and have a database of various other formulations which we can manufacture to order.

commercial & industrial floors

Premium Rapid Ice Melt Granules

Premium non-toxic and non-tainting alternative to rocksalt. Effective down to -30°Celsius, being exothermic and hydroscopic in nature, they release heat to active the melting ability and attract moisture to facilitate the reaction.
These premium granules are available in easy carry 15kg tubs with reseal able lids for the easy solution for your ice clearing requirements.


A highly concentrated, highly effective floor cleaning agent which is suitable for use with most types of specialist floor cleaning equipment. This product is specifically formulated for use in scrubber dryer machinery for factories, industrial warehousing and areas where deep cleaning is required.


A versatile degreaser with low odour properties, used to remove fats, grease, oils and organic deposits on various different surfaces. It is easy to apply and wash off and ideal for cleaning workshop floors and surfaces. This product is low foam, so can also be used through scrubber dryers for maintenance cleaning.

Acid Etch Super Concentrate

Highly concentrated acidic cleaning agent. It removes cement, plaster splashes and etches concrete floor to ensure an effective key for re-painting or sealing. This product will also remove grime and stains from brick and stone building exteriors.


janitorial floorcare

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner (Low Foam)

A lightly fragranced, heavy duty cleaner for general dirt and grime on all interior carpets and upholstery. It is low foaming and is suitable for use by hand or by a carpet cleaning machine.

Multisurface Cleaner

Gentle but effective, this multipurpose cleaner is suitable for removing general ingrained dirt and grime from floors, walls, paintwork and most hard surfaces, leaving a pleasant lemon fragrance.

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