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How Your Business Can Reduce Packaging Waste | A-Chem

Packaging waste is not only bad for the environment, but it could be costing your business money. If you are shipping your products out from a warehouse, it’s likely that resources are being wasted every day.

Types of packaging waste may include, but are not limited to:


  • Cardboard 
  • Paper 
  • Polystyrene
  • Plastic Wrap
  • Bubble Wrap


If you find yourself with large amounts of packaging waste, there are ways you can cut this down. Whether you free issue packaging to us, purchase your products in bulk and resell or create and sell your products directly to customers, we’ve listed 5 ways to reduce packaging waste within your business, no matter the size.


5 Ways To Reduce Packaging Waste

1. Use Eco-Friendly Packaging

You can do your bit for the environment by switching to eco-friendly packaging.

For example, some businesses have introduced recycled plastic packaging for their products, using 100% post-consumer waste (PCW). This saves tonnes of PCW plastic from ending up in landfill. 

There are plenty of eco-friendly packaging options available, so why not get creative and consider making the switch.


2. Ensure Packaging Is Minimal

One thing that consumers dislike is receiving a large package for a small item. Not only is this wasteful, but it could be costing you money in shipping. Make sure that you have a set picking and packing routine within your warehouse, to avoid excess packaging for small products.


3. Train Your Staff 

To ensure that your packaging process is efficient, you should train your staff on the correct way to pack your products. Set up a packaging line and show them the best way to package each product. This will help to reduce waste, as well as the cost of shipping each item.

4. Create A Recycling Scheme

Many companies are now offering their own recycling schemes, in which the packaging can be sent back to them to be recycled. For example, Lush are famous for recycling their black pots, and customers who bring back 5 empty pots are given a free product. This is a great way to establish yourself as an eco-friendly company, and reduce your packaging costs at the same time.


5. Buy An Industrial Shredder

If you find yourself with large amounts of leftover paper and cardboard, it might be worth investing in an industrial shredder. These machines can shred huge volumes of materials, which can then be used as filling for your packages. This is an innovative way to repurpose your waste into a useful product.

Packaging at A-Chem

At A-Chem, we supply a large amount of our products in bulk Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC’s), which are returnable to us after use. Therefore, we don’t put a lot of plastic to the market as we re-use and launder the packaging multiple times prior to it being recycled.

All of our packaging adheres to the CLP Regulation (for classification, labelling and packaging). For further information on our compliance, visit our legislation page.



At A-Chem, we offer a variety of different packaging options for your products. Get in touch with us for more information.



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