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Rosie Rowett Racing Sponsorship | A-Chem

rosie rowett racing

We are proud to sponsor Rosie Rowett Racing – ACU Enduro Womens Class in combination with the supply of A-Chem’s Xtreme Bike Cleaner!

We welcome everyone to visit her website – – for more details.

Rosie is an up-and-coming star of the ACU British Enduro Womens Class. In 2016 Rosie came 2nd in the ACU British Sprint Enduro Womens Class, winning every round apart from the 1st due to being under 16.


Rosie will look to gain her road licence this year, which will enable her to compete in all BEC rounds, and aim to achieve a 1st in the ACU British Enduro Championship Womens Class. We wish Rosie the best of luck in 2017, and will continue to support her success on the track!


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