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Bespoke Manufacturing Service | Dec 2018 | A-Chem

Bespoke Manufacturing from A-Chem

Bespoke Manufacturing… a term that sounds daunting and expensive.

At A-Chem, we make the reality very different. Small minimum order quantities (400 Litres, but with the ability to manufacture up to 20,000 Litres per batch if required), at competitive prices, with absolutely no research and development charges.

Our Bespoke Manufacturing service makes finding the perfect solution simple, either provide us with a brief, or send us a sample and we will formulate or de-formulate according to your requirements.

We encourage our customers to visit our site, we can sit down and discuss your requirements, then show you how we develop and manufacture your products. While we are very strict on customer confidentiality, we don’t shy away from explaining how our processes work – we want you to understand what makes your products unique.

Our R&D laboratory is over 1000 sq ft, and is purpose built with high end development in mind, with dedicated testing areas for extensive real world testing, in a laboratory controlled environment.

Bespoke means Bespoke

We offer a truly unique service and experience – at A-Chem bespoke really does mean bespoke. Unlike others, we don’t just offer a base product and add a colour and fragrance. Our team of chemists develop from the ground up to offer a solution which is tailored to your exact requirements – whether it be a bespoke cutting compound or ceramic sealant, hard wax or trim gels.

We use advanced laboratory equipment from spectrophotometers to xenon arc test chambers to allow in depth analysis at the development stage, to thorough stability testing prior to product launch.

A-Chem are experts in bespoke manufacturing, contact us to find out what we can offer your business.

See our Bespoke Manufacturing page for further details.

View our Bespoke Manufacturing Animation



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