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Water Based Woodcare Range

A-Chem’s water based woodcare range will help to protect and prevent your garden timber from water damage, and offers UV protection to prevent colour fading. We are proud to supply our water-based Woodcare products to shed and fence manufacturers in large quantities, and can provide bespoke bulk orders for suppliers and distributors. To purchase our products for your projects at home, visit the A-Chem Store.

Tanashield adds a waterproof barrier to your pressure treated wood, preventing it from water damage over time. It is quick and easy to apply, and adds a clear layer to your shed, fence, or decking.

Aquashield is a ready to use, high wax and high resin content product. It will add deep colour to your wood, and provide excellent UV resistance. If you utilise our bespoke service, we can add additional weatherproofing and UV protective properties.

Timbacare is a water based concentrate, and is the perfect wood stain for your project. They are ideal for garden fence manufacturers, to colour and protect your fencing before it is installed in your client’s gardens. It comes in a variety of colours, including Rustic Brown, Forest Green, Mahogany, and many more.

Read more about our full water based woodcare range below, or contact our team for more information.


Tanashield - Water Seal

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Aquashield - Ready to Use

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Timbacare - Water Based Concentrate

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