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Timbashield® Preservative (Water Based)


5 Years Protection  |  Water Based  |  Ready to Use Primer

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Timbashield® Preservative is a high quality ready-to-use, clear water based wood preservative that preserves wood for up to 5 years.

It can be used for pretreatment of non-resistant wood in outdoor areas. It acts against wood destroying and wood discolouring fungi (blue stain) as well as against wood boring insects. It penetrates easily into wood and thereby gets deep into inner layers.

It is moisture regulating and provides an adhesive surface for subsequent treatment with top coats. After drying it is odourless.

Timbashield® Preservative is available in the following pack sizes;

5 Litre

25 Litre

205 Litre

1000 Litre

HSE Approval Number: 10042 Timbashield® Preservative is regulated under the European Biocides Regulation (EU BPR; EU 528/2012)


usage guidance


For professional / industrial uses: dipping (or flow coating) for at least 3 minutes, and also spraying in closed devices.
For non-professional uses: Apply by synthetic brush designed for water-borne products, spreading out thinly and evenly along wood texture.


Timbashield® Preservative requires 2-3 coats, depending on wood species and surface characteristics. It is effective against wood destroying fungi, blue stain and wood boring insects at 120ml/m2 (or 8.33m2 per litre).

Drying Time

This product dries in 12 hours under normal conditions (20 degrees C / 65% rel. humidity). Low temperatures, increased humidity and ingredients of some wood types may increase drying time.

Compatibility with other treatments

Overcoating of this product is possible with usual commercial top coats. However, compatibility and adhesion should be tested on a small sample area. We would recommend using this product as a primer before using our Timbashield® and Timba 9-1 products to provide a final colour to the wood.