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Pallet Paint


Various Colours  |  Easy Identification  |  Spraying Grade

pallet paint

A high quality, water based product, ideal for identification purposes for pallet and packaging crate manufacturers / suppliers.

Perfect for use on most outdoor timber and specifically formulated for use on wooden pallets.

Pallet Paint will provide the wood with the perfect finish which will last. It provides extensive durability against weathering by helping to protect the treated surfaces against UV and water damage.


bespoke pallet paint

A-Chem offer Pallet Paint on a contract basis for your specific requirements.

We can help if you are looking for any of the following and more;

  • Your own bespoke colour
  • Your own bespoke level of protection
  • If you are having durability issues (especially with your colour in sunlight) with the current product you are using
  • Varying levels of viscosity for ease of application

Minimum order quantities for bespoke colours start at 400 Litres. Contact us for further details.