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We manufacture and supply a range of engineering products to ensure your toolroom and engineering workshop runs efficiently.

Parts Washer Fluids  |  Lubrication & Solvent Based Cleaners

Below is a brief summary of our stock products, however, we can develop and have a database of various other formulations which we can manufacture to order.

parts washer fluids

Heavy Duty Degreaser

Water soluble and emulsifiable solvent-based product which can be used to remove grease, tar, bitumen and waxes. This is an ideal solvent for industrial applications and can be used in parts washing machines where low flash point solvents are suitable. Having water soluble properties means that it makes removing the oil and grease much easier through rinsing.

Parts Wash Solvent

A non-flammable, solvent blend, designed with safety in mind. It removes heavy oils, tar, oxidised oil, grease and is effective on various surfaces and metals. Its flash point of above 70°C means that it is not classified as flammable.

Aquacleanser (Low Foam)

A low foaming, non-caustic metal degreaser. Perfect for use in tunnel washing machines, rotating spray wash cabinets, ultrasonics and diptanks at a dilution up to 1 part product to 40 parts water, and up to temperatures of 80°C.

It is safe for us on aluminium, copper and most other metals when used at the correct dilution ratios and rinsed thoroughly after the cleaning process.


general engineering

Demineralised Water

Purified water with most or all of its mineral and salt ions removed. Perfect for use in steam irons, batteries and any industrial application where scale and fur prevention is key.

Tar, Glue & Bitumen Remover

A highly effective solvent blend to remove glue residues, tar and general stains from metal and painted surfaces. It will also remove ingrained oil and grease deposits from storage tanks, lorries and cars.

WD & Pen Oil

Consists of a blend of oils, solvents and additives for multiple purposes. It is formulated for high levels of penetration, lubrication and moisture displacement within the engineering and industrial applications.

bespoke engineering products

A-Chem offers a range of the above products on a contract / bespoke basis for your specific requirements.

We can help if you are looking for a product that requires a specific;

  • Product colour
  • Fragrance
  • Viscosity
  • Cleaning ability
  • Foaming ability
  • Price point
  • Dilution ratios

Minimum order quantities for bespoke products start at 400 Litres and up to batch sizes of 20,000 Litres. These products can be filled into various pack sizes, from 5 Litres up to 1000 Litres.

Contact us for further details.


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