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Commercial & Catering

We manufacture and supply a range of detergent and cleaning products suitable for commercial and catering environments, from sanitisers to descalers which meet industry requirements.

Deep Cleaning | Descaling | Sanitisers

Below is a brief summary of our stock products, however, we can develop and have a database of various other formulations which we can manufacture to order.

deep cleaning

Concentrated Washing Up Liquid

A highly concentrated detergent which is specifically manufactured for heavier use in commercial environments, to help cut into greasy surfaces.


An ideal detergent for the catering industry. A concentrated low odour degreasing solvent designed specifically for food preparation areas. This low-caustic product will not cause corrosion and contains no VOCs making it more environmentally friendly than traditional degreasers.

Foaming Alkaline Cleaner

Foaming, super concentrated detergent designed to dissolve heavy grease in the catering industry. It can be diluted for required strength and is easy to apply using a spray bottle. Its high foam formula is perfect for allowing it to dwell on the surface for maximum effect.




Phosphoric acid based, multi-industry descaler. In its concentrated form, and be can be diluted for economy, it also allows flexibility of strength in use for varying degrees of limescale build up.


Cleaner Sanitiser

Biocidal cleaner and sanitiser used in food processing plants as well as catering outlets, meeting BS EN 1276 Standards.

This product is a concentrate and should be diluted by 100:1.
This can be applied using high pressure equipment as well as manual methods.


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