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Shampoo, Pre-Wash, TFR & Rinse Aid

We manufacture a wide range of shampoos,
pre-washes, traffic film removers and rinse aids

We can develop and have a database of various other formulations which we can manufacture
to your requirements.

car shampoo

Our range of shampoos that we offer is extensive, and they all have a purpose – simply to get the job done, or a highly concentrated formula with an amazing fragrance…

Car Shampoo

Contains a unique formula for regular automotive vehicles whilst giving a high quality finish. This rich and foamy product removes any dirt residues easily without removing any protective coatings. Available in Orange and also Cherry fragrance.

Cherry Burst Car Shampoo

A high foam version of the Car Shampoo. This pearlised product produces denser and longer lasting foam for enhanced cleaning performance and leaves a long-lasting Cherry fragrance.


Quick and simple to use, ideal for removing dirt and grime whilst leaving a protective shine.

Wash & Glow

A concentrated Wash & Wax which give you better dilution rates, more lubricity and an amazing Bubblegum fragrance.

Supreme Shampoo – Jelly Bean

Our premium shampoo. It is highly concentrated to provide a luxurious foam, superb lubricity and high levels of cleaning ability. This premium shampoo is a perfect product for car detailing.

Self-Drying Shampoo

A revolutionary product in our range!  It maintains a high level of foam, while topping up protection that you already have on your vehicle. Simply rinse after use and the water will simply fall off the bodywork, and then repel dirt and water until your next wash. This product is only available under bespoke manufacturing and is not part of A-Chem’s standard range at present. Extended lead times may apply.


deep cleaners

Concentrated Citrus Pre-Wash

A highly concentrated pre-wash cleaner that is gentle on bodyworks and protection, when diluted correctly. Its citrus based formulation de-greases and cleans to easily remove flies, traffic film and general dirt from bodyworks and engines.

Copolymer & Wax Remover

Water based alkaline detergent developed for the fast and complete removal of wax and polymer coatings.

Chassis Cleaner Super Concentrate

High active heavy duty cleaner specially formulated for the cleaning and removal of traffic film, heavy grease and stubborn ingrained soiling. It can be diluted in use for economy.

pressure washer fluids & tfr's

Pressure Wash

A range of premium, low-caustic traffic film removers. We have a range of various strengths, from Pressure Wash 10, to Pressure Wash 30 with options to suit every price point. Our Pressure Wash range is ideal for removing heavy traffic film, grease and soiling from your vehicles, engines and components. We also offer this product with added wax to improve sheen and deter re-soiling.

Traffic Film Removers

We have an extensive range of deep cleaning and highly effective Traffic Film Removers. From our Traffic Film Remover & Caustic 35, to our high active “Ultimate”, we have a wide range to suit your requirements – available in 25L, 205L’s and 1000L IBC’s.

Low Foam Brushwash Reclaim

Specially developed for use through a recyclable chemical wash machine. It has low foam properties and has a very high dilution rate for economy. It’s neutral pH so will not damage carbon filters.


rinse aids

Our rinse aid range offers various concentrations of polymer wax additives; these provide an invisible coating causing hydrophilic water behaviour. The effect this causes is water beading and sheeting and allows water to roll off your vehicle easily. Simply dilute and apply using a trigger spray or pump up sprayer to reduce drying time.

Aqua Rinse

Dilutable up to 1:10 for hand application

Wax Rinse

Dilutable up to 1:20

Wax Rinse Supreme

Our most concentrated product in the range, dilutable up to 1:40 for hand application and 1:1000 for drive through automated systems.

bespoke & bulk

A-Chem offer all types of products suitable for your glass and screens on a contract / bespoke basis for your specific requirements.

We can help if you are looking for a product that requires a specific;

  • Product Colour
  • Freeze Point
  • Fragrance
  • Dilution Rates
  • Viscosity
  • Cleaning Ability
  • Durability of Finish
  • Alcohol Content

Minimum order quantities for bespoke products start at 400 Litres and up to batch sizes of 20,000 Litres. These products can be filled into various pack sizes, from 5 Litres up to 1000 Litres.

Contact us for further details.


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