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We manufacture a range of products for the maintenance of your vehicles, from antifreeze to degreasers and general solvents, aimed to keep your engines running efficiently.

Antifreeze  |  Lubricant  |  Degreaser  |  Demineralised Water

Below is a brief summary of our stock products, however, we can develop and have a database of various other formulations which we can manufacture to order.


Manufactured to BS 6580 standard, our high quality glycol based product is designed to inhibit corrosion effectively.

The product is suitable for petrol and diesel as well as turbo and aluminium engines. It provides year round protection and will not scale in hard water areas.



WD & Pen Oil

A blend of oils, solvents and additives for multiple purposes. It is formulated for high levels of penetration, lubrication and moisture displacement within the car engine, allowing it to run smoothly and efficiently.


Heavy Duty Degreaser

A water soluble, emulsifiable solvent used to remove grease, tar, bitumen and waxes. This is an ideal solvent for engine and vehicle components and can also be used on machinery and most floor surfaces. Having water soluble properties means that it makes removing the oil and grease much easier through rinsing.


demineralised water

Demineralised Water is necessary for use in steam irons and batteries to prevent any furring and scale formation.

Furthermore, using demineralised water will avoid any unwanted side reactions and ultimately making the engine cleaner and more efficient. Available in various pack sizes.


Look through our various autocare categories on our Car Detailing page, to find the perfect product for you.

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