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We supply a range of different aerosols for different purposes, allowing for easy application of use. Below is a list of our stock aerosol products, however, we can develop and manufacture bespoke products if required.


Dashboard Renovator

With a freshing Cherry fragrance our Dashboard Renovator cleans, polishes, protects, waterproofs and restores the appearance of vinyl, leather and wood.


air fresheners

Fresh – Blast Air Freshener

A high powered cranberry fragrance air freshener which neutralises and masks. Ideal for all vehicles, along with pubs, clubs, restaurants, hotels and anywhere in need of a fresh fragrance.

Air Bomb Freshener (Odour Fogger)

Available in various fragrances. Not a masking aerosol, our Air Bomb Freshener is an odour oxidising agent. It can be used to treat up to 10 vehicles with one can, and will destroy all odours in any confined space.


Foaming Upholstery Cleaner

A deep cleaning and effective aerosol which foams on contact with the surface.

It can be left to soak in to the upholstery, fabric or carpet, and then scrubbed to remove deep ingrained dirt and grime.



Satin Black Aerosol

A quick and easy to use satin finish black spray paint. It enhances the finish, and leaves an even and deep black finish.

Line Marking Paint

Ideal for line painting in car parks, tennis courts, warehouses, both indoor and out. It is xylene and lead free acrylic based designed for use with the challenger line marking machine or by hand.

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