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Premium Rapid Ice Melt Granules 15kg

1 x 15KG £21.75 (+VAT)

5 x 15KG (£19.75 each) £98.75 (+VAT)

Larger quantities are available upon request. Please contact us for more information.



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These are Premium Exothermic Ice Melt Granules

& are up to 6 TIMES more effective than regular rocksalt.

A non-toxic and non-tainting preparation specifically formulated to melt snow and ice on locations where these extreme elements present a hazard.

Available in chippings.

A-Chem Ice Melt Granules are clean,

and effective down to -30 degrees celsius.*

Easy Carry Buckets

Less corrosive to concrete than salt.

Increase in temperature when in contact with Snow & Ice.


  • Exothermic: premium ice melt granules release heat to activate the melting ability.
  • Hygroscopic: premium ice melt granules attracts moisture required for melting action.
  • Fast acting ice melt granules begin to dissolve immediately upon application to break the bond between pavement and ice.
  • Powerful brine remains active for prolonged periods of time to prevent ice from bonding to the surface.
  •  Low eutectic point ice melt granules melt to much lower temperatures than salt. 


This product does not leave a residue which is as corrosive as salt, which can damage concrete and carpets. This makes it ideal for use around entrances of  schools, nursing homes, factories, offices, car parks, restaurants  etc.

It also helps to stop ice re-forming on surfaces.


*Proven to be effective on mixtures of Premium Ice Melt Granules and ice up to 30%. 

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